Since I was very young and especially after living in Spain and learning Spanish, I’ve always been attracted by Mexico. The paradoxes of its landscape, the vivid colours, the richness of customs and traditions. Samantha and Patrick’s wedding celebrations took place deep within the verdant jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula. Together with my colleague and partner in life Monica, I documented three days of events in some of the most exclusive venues in Tulum. The heart of the celebrations was the oceanfront retreat of Habitas Tulum, a secluded piece of paradise where tiny cabañas lie on white sand, framing an outstanding scenario.

All around the balmy breeze carries natural scents of the wild tropical flora. Habitas hosted a traditional Henna Party, enriched by trays of fruits and nuts, barefoot belly dancers, popular songs, pastries and marzipan. Gitano Tulum hosted the coolest welcome dinner, hidden by the refreshing shade of a luxuriant vegetation and veiled by the scented steam of incenses. The wedding day unfolded between Papaya Playa Project and Habitas Tulum. A magnificent ceremony was held in a big cabaña framing a piece of the ocean. White sand, turquoise water, the sound of waves and the words of the vows made the perfect blend.

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