When I first talked to Floriane I immediately understood that I was going to document a most peculiar wedding, different from all the ones I had experienced before. We established a deep connection since the very first moment and I understood that in someway Floriane was able to see and to read deeply in my photography. She gave thoughts and ideas I had about my work a name and a shape they didn’t have. When I flew to Paris my goal was to push myself even beyond my usual freedom from stereotypes, feeling extremely confident about the fact that my clients would have understood and accepted the kind of images that would have come.

My manifesto for that day could be summed up by the words they used in their wedding invitation: “In a sense our wedding will reunite what each of us thrive to aspire to: staying true to ourselves with simplicity and honesty. In light of our different cultural and religion heritage, and in respect of this difference, we wanted to celebrate the essence of what brought us together: Love.“ Floriane and Yacine asked me to keep their wedding as much private as possible, so I took this opportunity to try share the story of their day through an unusual selection of images, working like the accurate meaningful selection of words in an hermetic poem.

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