All went very fast with Stephania and Guy. It was mid-October when I first spoke with them, and after only 20 days I was crossing the ocean to reach them and tell their Story. I was immediately introduced and hosted in their world, an essential world, just made up by the most important people and the most important things in their life. I dived in this new reality and once again I learned something from this experience. I discovered there are so many ways to love and share this joy and happiness with others. Just follow your heart, this is always the most important thing.

Stephania and Guy said:
“Giuseppe is an angel, his work is magical. His passion for his work is evident in every photo he takes, each a piece of art. We were lucky to have him capture our wedding, he gave us the best memories – images of things we would never have noticed because he sees those details we miss and can easily forget. The more you study each image, the more you can see. We are completely in love with our story, thank you Giuseppe!”

San Francisco 2017

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