During the long journey that separates the European continent from the Australian one, there are so many thoughts and images running through your mind. You quickly re-live all the roads, the lights, the photographs and the encounters that brought you there so far, until you eventually make it through that huge area, which once looked unbridgeable. I reached Hannah and Alex in an Australian corner I found to be amazing, where nature is prevailing on everything else and the relationship between it and humans is such a special one. Their hug, their attentions and their respect welcomed me and made me feel like home. A big thank you to Stefano Santucci, my colleague and friend, who was with me and supported me during this long journey.

Hannah and Alex said:
“We are so excited and happy with all the awesome photos you took for our wedding. It was so special to re-live these special moments. We can’t thank you enough for capturing the love, emotion, feeling, nature and atmosphere of this special weekend in our life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. All of our colleagues, friends and family whom we have shared the links to your photos of our wedding have been blown away with your skill and artistry. People who didn’t attend our wedding said they felt that they were there, by looking at the photos. Your photography is priceless.”

Perth, 2017

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